Peristal Singum • Exit to the


It was a volcano that led me to the Labyrinth


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In the Spring of 2010, after showing my documentary about underground Indie-Rock Posters in Berlin, I was trapped under Iceland's clouds of volcanic ash, surrounded by wealthy artist types at some millionaire’s party. Having no interest in this world and not enough money to buy a twenty-euro cocktail, fortune had me stumble upon another gatecrasher... The man he drew me a map with no street names and told me I should go and find Peristal Signum's Labyrinth.

I blindly followed the hand-drawn lines through a dark and desolate part of East Berlin and found myself in the thick of an extraordinary group of artists and their extraordinary story. Tim Schneider, a painter, Georg Losch, a composer, and Andrija Bezosevic, a former underground train driver, took over a dilapidated building and out of the trash that surrounds it, rebuilt the labyrinth.

It took the outsider artists nine months to construct their labyrinth, which opened at the same time I was stranded in Berlin. Built in an unused part of an electro nightclub, the space was donated by the owners of the business. Working without any blueprints, Tim, Georg and Andrija threw fundraising parties and accepted gifts of money and industrial garbage to make their vision a reality.

So what is the labyrinth? Pay the 10 Euro ticket price and find out for yourself. They plan to keep the labyrinth open as long as the building stands, and there are no immediate plans to demolish it yet.


Iranian-born Canadian filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian has been working with visual art, first as a photographer, then as a video and performance artist, and more recently, as an independent producer and director of theater and film. She is a member of the prestigious Lincoln Center Directors Lab 2008. Yaghoobian produced, directed, edited and shot her first, full-length documentary film Died Young, Stayed Pretty, a candid look at the underground indie-rock poster subculture in North America, which was an Official Selection of the 2009 SXSW Film Festival and 2008 Montreal World Film Festival, among many festivals including Comic-Con International.

The film opened its theatrical run at the IFC Center in NYC, ICA London in the UK and received distribution in Canada, US and the UK. Coming up in 2012 Died Young Stayed Pretty will be part of the permanent collection at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. Yaghoobian is in the midst of developing two feature narrative films for her next feature films.

  • Director Eileen Yaghoobian
  • Producer Eileen Yaghoobian
    Nicolas Blankenhorn
  • Executive Producer Norotomo Productions Inc.
    Stephan Vens
  • Editor Bilbo Calvez
    Eileen Yaghoobian
  • Narrator Jason Coleman
  • Writers Michael Rigler
    Ava Delay
  • Sound Designer / ReRecording Mixer Chris Ray
  • Animation and Illustration Earthstar - Jai Smith
  • Opening Titles Philip Piaget
  • End Credits Angelica S. Jang
  • Camera Eileen Yaghoobian
    Patricia Lewandowska
    Tim Schneider
  • Sound David Kuruc
  • Music By Bernhard Lütke
    Curry Blau
    Talis Silde
  • Website BuzaMoto
  • Production Assistant Mirko Kosak
  • Production Support Trigger Happy Productions
  • Post Services Provided by Abacus Audio Visual
    James Armitage
  • Post Production Consultant Nicolas Blankenhorn
    Chris Ray
  • Thank You! Karmanoia Crew
    Salon Zur Wilden Renate
    Labyrinth participants